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Acid Washes

Acid Wash

Is your pool plaster stained and not looking its best? You may not need new plaster after all.

An acid wash from Infinity Pools can effectively remove scale, stains and calcium, leaving your pool looking brand new.

We’ll drain your pool of water, remove any debris, power wash the pool, and then clean its surface with acid to remove any buildup on the plaster.

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The Importance Of An Acid Wash

Acid washing is important for removing stubborn buildup or harmful algae, and it is also important for restoring a pool’s original beauty. Most Southern California pool owners do not need to worry about winterizing, but they still must worry about algae growing in their pools. When algae spreads throughout the pool, it can become a serious problem. Small amounts of algae can typically be removed with manual labor and some chemicals, but an acid wash is necessary when it is thick.

Algae can stain a pool, and thicker algae that is left untreated can become a danger by making pool surfaces slippery and harboring dangerous microorganisms. Acid wash is not only used for algae stains and buildup. If a pool’s surface has hard water buildup or stains, an acid wash will help restore its original shine. The brighter appearance gives it a better look and makes it easier for pool occupants to see clearly.

The main idea to remember is that an acid wash should be used for deep cleaning. It is for tough stains, but it is not supposed to be used regularly. An acid wash will help the pool look fantastic again, but pool owners should be diligent about keeping their pools clean by taking steps to minimize the buildup of hard water and algae. Making an acid wash an annual custom by letting the pool’s buildup get out of control can be harmful over time. The typical type of plaster used on pools can only withstand occasional acid washes.

This is a process that should not be tried at home. Many people mix the acid and water incorrectly or harm themselves. Professionals know how to complete the process safely. It is important to always hire a professional, because only they can guarantee effective results.

Unlike other types of pool maintenance, which are scheduled frequently, an acid wash should be used only as needed. For pools with regular use, an acid wash is usually only needed once every four or five years. However, the frequency will depend on the state of the pool and the quality of the plaster.

In order to tell if the pool needs an acid wash, it is important to look carefully at the state of surfaces. It is often easy to tell if an acid wash is needed based on the amount of slime or sludge that has started to accumulate. If there is visible slime in the pool, then an acid wash is most definitely in order. However, it is often best to complete an acid wash before things get quite that dire. Therefore, the best way to determine if an acid wash is needed is to see how the pool responds to other cleaning treatments. If the surfaces come clean after a standard chlorine treatment, then the pool is probably in satisfactory condition. When stains start to stay even after standard cleaning sessions, then it is time to consider an acid treatment.

The reasons for completing an acid wash are much more than cosmetic. While a pool will look brand new after an acid wash, the real value is in the cleaning power of such a wash. Pools are lined with plaster, which keeps the water from seeping out and damaging the surrounding structure. While plaster is very useful, it is also very porous. Since these pores are exposed consistently to moisture, algae will invariably start to take hold in the nooks and crannies that are hard to clean even with regular maintenance. With acid, algae is removed along with other minerals and chemicals, leaving the pool clean and safe once more.

Before completing an acid wash, all owners should consider the age of their pool and plaster. Since acid washing is such an intense process, it actually removes a layer of plaster during the cleaning treatment. This means that older plaster may not fare as well during the process, which can require fresh plastering. Typically, pool plaster can be acid washed two or three times over the lifespan of the plaster before an overall resurfacing must be addressed.

Having a pool can be a real asset, but only if it is cared for properly. With an acid wash, it is possible to keep your pool pristine for more years of watery fun.

Infinity Pools is proud to provide pool acid washes throughout Orange County.  Our area of service includes Huntington Beach, Santa Ana, Irvine, Seal Beach, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Westminster and Fountain Valley.