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Calcium Removal


The Importance of Calcium Removal for Swimming Pools

As a swimming pool owner, you probably already know how tricky it can be to achieve and maintain the right water chemistry. Even in a warm, sunny place like Orange County, keeping the water in check is a daunting proposition. Even if you’re able to do so fairly well, one thing can still slowly but surely degrade the appearance of your pool: calcium buildup. Rough, chalk-like deposits tend to accumulate along the water line, and they make the tile look filthy. At first glance, they look easy enough to clean. In actuality, though, they’re so plastered on that the typical pool owner gives up before too long.

The Problem with Calcium Buildup on Pool Tile

The main issue with calcium building up on swimming pool tiles is that it’s unsightly. Even if the pool is otherwise clean and the water chemistry is in check, calcium buildup makes the entire pool look dirty. Oftentimes, this buildup also means that the calcium hardness of the water is too high, and that can cause a lot of additional problems. While calcium deposits are extremely hard and difficult to remove, tiny pieces can flake off into the water and make it cloudy, so that’s yet another reason to remove the buildup right away.

Removing Calcium Buildup

Unfortunately, removing calcium buildup isn’t merely a matter of running a sponge along your swimming pool tile. Even if you put some elbow grease into it, you’re unlikely to make much of a dent. Professional pool cleaning companies have the products, tools and expertise that are needed to efficiently and effectively remove calcium buildup from swimming pool tile. It is well worth it to periodically pay an Orange County pool company to remove the buildup. By doing so, you will be able to maintain the appearance of your pool all year long.

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