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Stonescapes For Your Pool

What Are Stonescapes?

Imagine giving your pool or spa the beauty and appeal of a natural, pebble-bottomed stream…glistening, jewel-toned bits of color and texture in your pool’s aggregate surface…a cool, inviting, elegant aesthetic to your pool that’s so far beyond what a plain painted-plaster bottom can offer.

Why Stonescapes?

Until the last ten years or so, there were only a few options for pool surfaces, mainly painted plaster and gunite. Both have their disadvantages, mainly in terms of maintenance. Aggregate surfaces like Stonescapes are one of the greatest innovations to hit the market for pool owners in decades, though:

  • Stonescapes have a much longer lifespan and don’t break down as fast as the marble in pool plaster
  • Stonescapes are available in a variety of rich, vivid colors
  • Non-slip surface for bare feet, yet won’t chafe or scrape skin
  • Less maintenance than plaster or gunite (no paint!)
  • Great compromise between long-lasting durability and aesthetics
  • Choose from a wide range of textures, colors and designs, including Regular Pebbles, Mini Pebbles, Touch of Glass, Puerto Rico Blend and Exotic Series – there’s got to be one that’s the perfect fit for your pool!
  • QuartzScapes uses one of the world’s most durable minerals mixed with mineral-based pigments and white cement for a stunningly gorgeous and durable finish
  • JewelScapes incorporates glass beads and high-quality pigments for a striking, sparkling effect for your pool

Why Infinity Pool and Spa in Orange County, CA?

No two pools are alike, because no two pool owners are alike. At Infinity Pool and Spa in Orange County, CA, we focus on an attentive, open relationship with our customers. We’ve been in the pool business for a full decade now, with ten years’ experience in designing and building new pools to customer specs or rehabilitating and resurfacing older pools.

Thomas, of Infinity Pools, got his start in home construction in Arizona while still in his twenties; after moving to Orange County, CA, he ran a pool maintenance company and gained considerable experience in water chemistry and pool equipment.  After a lengthy apprenticeship with swimming pool contractors, he got his own company with Infinity Pools.

Here’s what you get when you do business with Infinity Pool and Spa of Orange County, CA:

  • Expert design and construction with top-grade materials
  • Well-versed in plaster, tile, stone and all construction methods
  • Full warranty coverage
  • All work done on time and within budget
  • All work licensed, bonded and insured
  • Specialty tile cleaning and maintenance services

Give Infinity Pools’ innovative Stonescape surfaces a try – we’re sure you’ll love the results!